A blog made specifically to quench my obsession for the 53rd animated Disney film Frozen, and to make some edits and stuff about it.
My favorite characters are Elsa and Hans, and my favorite song is For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)
I'm sorry, but this is NOT an RP blog

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Recently I reached a follower count of 3000 which is kinda amazing, and if it wasn’t for all the amazing people listed below, my tumblr experience wouldn’t have been half as good. I wanted to do something to celebrate hitting this number of followers, so I’ve decided to make a follow forever. Here you will find must follow blogs and downright lovely people! I apologize in advance if I have left any out. My personal favorites are in bold because reasons.

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Thank you so much for including me on this amazing list of people, and congratulations on 3,000 followers!

when elsa hit little anna with ice, and she fell, she landed on snow and rolled. so if there was snow under her already, why didnt she just let her fall?

  • We don’t really know if the pile of snow that Anna landed on was directly under her.  The way that the shot that Anna takes to the head looks, it looks like Anna is knocked back a little bit from the blast.  There was only like a couple of piles of snow in the room before Elsa started making the pillars for Anna to jump on - the rest of the floor was still iced over from when Anna wanted to skate with Olaf.
  • I personally don’t think Elsa was trying to make a pillar to save Anna.  I think her magic reacted to her negative emotions of fear (something that probably never happened before this incident, so it was entirely new to her) and fired at will, similar to when she first shows her powers at the coronation ball and when she accidentally hits the Duke when trying to escape.
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what have I done?

LOVE the theme, but I have one request and one...well, you have a spelling error in the description "his is NOT and rp blog" should be AN rp blog. The request is: can you make ithe music player a bit more noticeable? It startled me (my fault, I had my speakers up) and I couldn't figure out how to turn it off. Otherwise, it's BEAUTIFULLER than mine (and that's saying a lot)!

Thanks for catching the spelling mistakes.  :)  I’ll fix them in a minute.

There’s not really much I can do about the music player though since it’s part of the themes code - I usually have my music players up in the very top left hand corner of the screen like on my main blog so people can spot them easily, 

I wouldn’t even know where to look in the code to take it out and then move it again.  :(

I’ve updated my theme for the first time!  Although I liked my last theme, nobody ever bothered to read the description because it was ridiculously tiny - plus I just really enjoy themes with large sidebars~  I’ve also added some music to my blog.  :)

Tell me if you guys have any issues navigating!

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It's really hard to follow you, there is no follow button (Unless I send you a message)

That’s strange, I just visited my URL and the ‘Follow’ button pops up at the top of the screen as it normally does.  I’m not sure what could be causing it, but you can always follow people via hovering over their icons :)

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Okay, I have a very odd question, but do you think Elsa would smell like snow? Like that would be her body's natural scent.

Huh, that’s actually a really cool question


I always imagined her having to wear fancy royal perfume and generally just smelling like this one perfume my sister gave me, but I definitely like the idea of her natural scent smelling like cold mountain air.

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ive honestly fell totally in love with Elsa and i really do wish she was real. its not a physical attraction but an emotional one if that makes sense. she has been through so much and i have as well. so i know where she is coming from. i just honestly love her as a person and everything. sorry if i sound creepy i havent got down how to explain in well enough.

It’s not “creepy” to have an emotional connection with a character, so there’s no need to feel sorry - especially when it comes to characters such as Elsa whose personal struggles can translate to someone elses own plight.

I wish she was real as well.  Elsa and Anna would be absolutely amazing to just sit down with and talk about their interests and their lives.

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do you want to build a snowman?

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