A blog made specifically to quench my obsession for the new Disney movie Frozen, and to make some edits and stuff about it. I'm sorry, but this is NOT and rp blog
well now they know

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even little tree frogs freak me out now

they will just jump out from no where when i’m taking a shower.  All fear I have from them?  It’s because they’ve made me terrified of their kind.

cypresswillow3: Hi friend :) please post ten facts about yourself, then pass this on to ten of your followers


  1. I’m not really fond of Hello Kitty but for some reason I have a lot of Hello Kitty paraphernalia?  I’ve got a stuffed toy (had about four more before my dog went through her chewing stage), a watch, a couple of shirts, and my Kindle cover.  Everyone just assumes I like Hello Kitty for some reason *shrug*  whatevies though, it’s cute.
  2. I’ve yet to watch Game of Thrones uggggh I suckkk season 1 is literally right in my living room but I just haven’t dedicated myself to a series that isn’t The Office in a while.
  3. My birthday is in about a month, and I share my birthday with my mother so there’s that.  :)
  4. I like dogs more but for some reason cats come to me easier I can’t explain it I’m like the cat whisperer, they always come when I call and the meanest cats will just purr in my lap
  5. pictures of tigers can make me cry.  Bonus if they’re cubs.
  6. My favorite colors are green and brown
  7. My favorite birthday was when I ditched my first job offer modeling to go to the beach and hang with my friends.  My parents were always mad at me for that but eh I don’t think I would’ve liked it anyways
  8. I’ve been in a relationship with my fiance for almost eight years
  10. I’m afraid of the dark still

I just want to let you guys know that if you request me to reblog Frozen Art or something and you don’t see it, I’m not ignoring you!  

My intention for this blog from the very beginning was to just have it as a space where I can randomly post my own gifs and edits.  I never felt really comfortable reblogging things on here because I just really wanted it to be my own little space for Frozen.  If I reblogged everything I loved from the fandom, there’d hardly be any of my own stuff on here.

I have a blog that I share with the awesome arendellekingdom where we reblog anything and everything Frozen!  The blog is called FrozenCentral, and it’s much more organized and has a lot more stuff to look at from a bunch of different people in the fandom.  I always always always reblog items that people ask me to look at on their blog onto FrozenCentral instead of here.

Young Elsa + Smiling

Anonymous: is it possible to get the main wallpaper header on your blog? i'm in love with it <3

I do have the original file still! (I’m kind of paranoid about stuff like my blogs layout mysteriously being destroyed), so sure I’d be glad to send it to you!  Be sure to message me off anon or something and I’ll adjust the dimensions and stuff for whatever you need, like a wallpaper or something (:

(also sorry for the late reply, I’ve been having a kind of hectic week which I’ll probably give you guys an update on in another week)

                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSEY!

The last part of your birthday present - a gifset / edit based on your awesome helsa oneshot, Rhyme or Reason (even if you’re not a Helsa Fan, you should definitely check out her fic (and all of her other writings as well).

Congratulations on being an A+ human being as well as an amazing friend :]

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?  I don’t understand why it warrents a frownie face.  Was it a bad mix?

Anonymous: you're welcome i hope i didn't make you upset by telling you ): hope you have a wonderful day

Don’t worry I’m not upset, I’m glad you told me.  :D  It just sucks because there’s not really much to do about it other than ask them to take them down, buuuuut I’ve found that the asking method doesn’t really work.

Anonymous: youhavetobecoldtobe-queen reposted one of your edits :/

Thank you for telling me anon, that’s very kind of you.  :)

Sadly Tumblr doesn’t really care about edits reposted, and if you send in a report about someone reposting one of your edits, they will take yours down as well since they technically don’t have any proof of who the owner is.  Contacting Tumblr about reposts only works with art that you can prove is yours.

It should be noted that almost all of their stuff is reposts, so if you’re worried about your stuff being stolen you should check their blog to make sure none of your stuff was taken or put them on your ignore so they’re unable to see your content anymore.

Part 2/3 of Kelseys birthday present :D  I figured some more Hans-ish songs in your life wouldn’t hurt.  Number nine and ten are more of jokes than serious music suggestions but who knows.  who knows.

Also please please please check out THIS Fire!Hans video.  It is literally my most favorite Hans thing to ever Hans and is pretty much the inspiration behind this fanmix and it deserves waaaay more notes.

{listen} {download}

I. pa pa power / II. where i want to be / III. prelude in c sharp minor / IV. volatile times / V. you're gonna go far, kid / VI. i don't care / VII. toxic (cover) / VIII. the package / IX. royals / X. me, who am i? / XI. blame / XII. big brat
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