A blog made specifically to quench my obsession for the 53rd animated Disney film Frozen, and to make some edits and stuff about it.
My favorite characters are Elsa and Hans, and my favorite song is For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)
I'm sorry, but this is NOT an RP blog

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Have u heard of jack frost ? Have u two went on a date?

this is why we can’t have nice things, people

What do you think of Janelsa (Elsa x Jane from Tarzan)?

I’ve never really considered it tbh

I think there’s potential, romantic or platonic though.  Their personalities seem like they would get along well;  and in the books it explains that Elsa was naturally studious as a kid, so there’s something that they have in common, as well as them both having natural artistic flare.

Not something that I would ship hardcore (though that’s not saying much since there’s very few ships I invest myself in), but it’s definitely cute :)

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Wait Jelsa is a new one to me, who is it?! Elsa and who? Jack Frost maybe?

Yeah, it’s Jack x Elsa

Have fun looking through the Jack Frost tag, otherwise known as Jelsa Tag 2.0

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Hi!! Do you like Jelsa? ^^

This is my general reaction to jelsa

sorry, anon

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just stay away and you'll be safe from me.
if you could decide if Frozen had a sequel, would you and what would it be about?

Not sure if I’d want a sequel tbh - I think the movie left off on a pretty decent note thematically wise, and they tied up the end of all of the characters story arcs well

I’d definitely love a prequel though, maybe explaining the superstitiousness of Arendelle and briNG IN THE PROPHECY AND STUFF AAAAAYE

Do you ship helsa? :)

I’m more of a Hanna shipper (it’s super casual shipping though)~ I don’t really ship Elsa with many people;  Ralph and Merida are pretty much my only ships with Elsa in it.

I do like Helsa though since my online wife is like the best helsa writer ever, and the ship has really awesome artists / manippers

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Hi I love your blog! I'd be honored if you checked out my Elsa cosplay! Please!

Oh gosh, you and your Elsa cosplay are lovely!  I especially love how you’ve done your makeup :)

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