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My favorite characters are Elsa and Hans, and my favorite song is For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)
I'm sorry, but this is NOT an RP blog, and I will not be answering questions as Elsa.

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What you have against Jelsa? (Please, dont tell me "Just because both have ice powers" or "Elsa doesnt need a man," thank you -.-)

…Okay, so I would’ve been nice about this,  I really would’ve - but the comments in the parenthesis come off very snide and I really don’t appreciate that.

I don’t understand why you people care so much that I don’t ship Jelsa.  This is an editing blog, not a shipping blog - and while I have my own couples I enjoy from Frozen, I make sure to show no biases.

And yet the only time I ever get any messages on this blog is from people wondering who or what I ship. I had to delete an entire conversation I had with someone on my blog because they were just ready and waiting to get in a fight over shipping - which, what do you know, started from a topic about Jelsa.

One problem with Jelsa is that the community often makes the characters extremely OOC in order for their to be any sort of romantic inclination - and the few that do honor the characters in their portrayal, I find a weird chemistry that doesn’t seem romantic in the slightest, but is more of a brother/sister bond - but since this is a shipping community, you’ll be hard pressed to find people who only care about a platonic relationship with these two characters because, hey, two attractive white people whose fans over sexualize easily and happen to have the same powers?  THAT’S THE ROMANCE OF THE CENTURY APPARENTLY.

But the thing that really drove the nail in the coffin for me?

The shippers.

A ships community determines a lot on whether I’m going to enjoy it, whether it mean me joining the ship or just supporting it from the sidelines.  I’ve had nothing but bad relations with the Jelsa community due to their overbearing personalities.  It’s come to the point that I’ve been harassed on two blogs (this blog which for some strange reason, people still think is an RP blog despite stating otherwise in the description, and my Flynn & Jack Slytherin blog, which I’ve said I didn’t want any romantic advances towards Jack from the very beginning), Jelsa shippers trying to report and take down my edits from DeviantArt because it wasn’t Jelsa and I said I wouldn’t be making Jelsa edits in the near future, as well as having several of my friends harassed and their art stolen and manipulated without consent to make it Jelsa.

I’m sorry I don’t enjoy your trite, dimensionless, vapid ship and it for some reason offends you personally when others don’t, but I’m even more sorry about the fact that the Jelsa community has transformed into an overwhelmingly terrible group of people who have no boundaries or respect for others.  

Now don’t get me wrong, the Jelsa community is the cream of the crop when it comes to being horrible to others outside of their ship, but honestly?  All of the Frozen shipping communities have large groups of popular bloggers who are just incapable of civility.  I’ve literally seen a Hanna shipper (a ship that I enjoy)  think that they were being personally victimized by Kristanna shippers who asked them to not tag their hate.

The one thing I truly miss from the Frozen fandom pre-movie release is the fact that ships were treated as things that were fun, not excuses to judge others and send them messages to heckle. But here we are, an entire cesspool of obnoxious assholes feeling personally offended when they see someone doesn’t like the same fictional characters kissing - and yet the Jelsa fandom stands out above the rest.

PS:  Elsa doesn’t need a man, nor does anyone really.  While it’s nice to be in a romantic relationship, it’s not necessary for personal happiness.  It’s actually kind of sad that you think she does.

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True, that he's no Prince Charming -
but there's something in him that I simply didn't see.

dedicated to Mar

What do you think of Janelsa (Elsa x Jane from Tarzan)?

I’ve never really considered it tbh

I think there’s potential, romantic or platonic though.  Their personalities seem like they would get along well;  and in the books it explains that Elsa was naturally studious as a kid, so there’s something that they have in common, as well as them both having natural artistic flare.

Not something that I would ship hardcore (though that’s not saying much since there’s very few ships I invest myself in), but it’s definitely cute :)

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Hi!! Do you like Jelsa? ^^

This is my general reaction to jelsa

sorry, anon

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just stay away and you'll be safe from me.
if you could decide if Frozen had a sequel, would you and what would it be about?

Not sure if I’d want a sequel tbh - I think the movie left off on a pretty decent note thematically wise, and they tied up the end of all of the characters story arcs well

I’d definitely love a prequel though, maybe explaining the superstitiousness of Arendelle and briNG IN THE PROPHECY AND STUFF AAAAAYE

Do you ship helsa? :)

I’m more of a Hanna shipper (it’s super casual shipping though)~ I don’t really ship Elsa with many people;  Ralph and Merida are pretty much my only ships with Elsa in it.

I do like Helsa though since my online wife is like the best helsa writer ever, and the ship has really awesome artists / manippers

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